Contests and Winners

No Cavity Club-

All children who have no cavities at their check up appointments will become members of the Bittner Dentistry for Kids No Cavity Club.  At the end of each month, two lucky children will have their names randomly drawn out of the no cavity club bowl.  If your child is a winner, you will be notified by phone and/or email.  Your child will get to come by the office and pick any prize off of the No Cavity Club Wall and pick up their No Cavity Club T-shirt.

Current Contests -


When you and your child are in for their next visit, be sure to put your guess in at the front counter.  You could be the next big winner!!!!!

You can also view our facebook fan page for more information about current winners.





Bittner Dentistry for Kids

Way to go Natalie!!! She was one of our No Cavity Club Winners!!!!


Nice guessing Holden!  Holden was one of our June Guessing Contest Winners!!!

Nice guessing Holden! Holden was one of our Guessing Contest Winners!!!